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Music Festival In UK

Revelers are enjoying there last festival session with sharing their views each other. If we talk about music festivals, Leeds Festivals was the best festivals for previous year. The most memorable performance was the Metallica and The Killers.

There was some problem with killer related to their sound quality but it was a great performance by them. Reading Festival 2008 is much popular for year 2008 for music concerns. All tickets was sold out in just two days, it’s unbelievable but truth.

So many visitors were not able to attend the Leads festival due to this. So if you don’t want to miss the chance this year don’t waste your time go for Leads festival ticket now. Seatwave can help you in this Seatwave is the best Online ticket Provider for these Festivals. So book your ticket for Lead festivals Seatwave is always welcomes you with a lot of good wishes for this year.


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Blues Guitar and Southern Rock

In Antiquity music was defined as an art form consisting of sound and silence. Today, music is more than that, is an wonderful art through which the musicians express their feelings and share different messages to the listeners and there are so many styles of music so each of us can find at least one style which fix to his or her personality. Blues guitar and southern rock are different styles at the first view, but a common side of those styles can be discovered in the music of Anthony Gomes.

We are living in the velocity center, where the people are running so much and many times they forgot to stop for few minutes to see the beauty that surround us or to discover the music which can be a healing for our souls. Unfortunately, the velocity did not put its footprints only on our way of living, but also on the music we are listening. In a century in which the music is more a commercial product than an artistic part, Anthony Gomes is an original artist who combines in his creations elements from blues guitar and southern rock, two musical styles not very commercialized fortunately.

Anthony Gomes discovered his passion for blues guitar when he was only 14 years old and his father offered him as a birthday gift a guitar instead of a computer, the perfect gift in Anthony’s opinion. Step by step he started to discover this musical tool and he became fascinated by it. On high school he had his own band and he had several concerts of southern rock music for his colleagues. After he sung with success different songs from Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, he understood that he wants do to something more. His biggest dream was to become a songwriter and to create his own music, original songs in which he could combine two of his favorite styles: blues guitar and southern rock.

After he grew up in Toronto, Canada, Anthony decided to move to Chicago and then he traveled to south until Nashville. The several awards and prized he won at the beginning of his career was a real encouragement and a strong motivation to improve his creations and to study much more. In Chicago Anthony wanted to learn more about songwriting and when he moved to Nashville his intention was to be close to the southern rock,, a music style which was not so familiar to him in that period as it was the blues guitar.

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About The Drum Machines

A drum machine is an electronic musical instrument designed to imitate the sound of drums and other percussion instruments. These machines are very useful instruments for a wide variety of musical genres, not just purely electronic music. They are also an urgent necessity when session drummers are not available.

Drum Machines offers a choice selection of classic, meticulously sampled to faithfully reproduce the original sounds. They can be easily tweaked with cleverly mapped controls, allowing users to experiment with the inner workings of the instrument and adjust to taste.

A brief history

The first commercially available rhythm machines were included in organs in the late 1960s, and were intended to accompany the organist. The first largely successful drum machine was the Rhythm Ace. It was produced by a company called Ace Tone which was later named Roland. Early drum machines were often referred to as rhythm machines.

In 1960 Raymond Scott constructed Rhythm Synthesizer and in 1963 a drum machine called Bandito the Bongo Artist. Most of these modern machines are sequencers with a sample playback or synthesizer component that specializes in the reproduction of drum timbres as well as the sound of other traditional percussion instruments.

Synthesis of drum sounds

The early machines used analog sound synthesis rather than digital sampling in order to generate their sounds. A snare drum sound would normally be created using a burst of white noise whereas a bass drum sound would be made using sine waves or other basic waveforms. This meant that the resulting sound may not be very close to that of the real instrument.

There are specific percussion sound modules that can be generated by pickups, trigger pads, or through MIDI. Most of these special machines can also be controlled via MIDI. Drum machines can be programmed in real time where the user specifies the precise moment in time on which a note will sound. The controls usually includes tempo, start and stop, volume control of individual sounds, keys to generate individual drum sounds, and storage locations for a number of different rhythms.

Digital sampling of drum machines

The Linn LM-1 Drum Computer was the first machine of this kind to use digital samples. It was released in the year 1980. Many of the drum sounds on the LM-1 were composed of two chips that were generated at the same time and each voice was individually tunable with individual outputs. But since there was a limitation of memory a crash cymbal sound was not available.

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What’s The Best Way To Learn Guitar?

Everyone learns a bit differently. Besides that fact, we all have different resources, different schedules, jobs and demands on our time. If you are not making the strides you wish you were, perhaps it is because you haven’t found the best way to learn guitar. There are many methods to learn to play this instrument out there. A few are listed below.
Theory Books

There are lots of theory books that you can buy to teach you how to play the guitar. Some are actually very good, and if you learn best this way, an excellent theory book may be the way to go. This method is cheap, and you can learn at your own rate. However, most of us don’t do well using this method by itself. If you are patient and determined however, this may be the best way to learn guitar for you.

Video Lessons

You can find video guitar lessons on tapes and DVDs in most music stores as well as online. You may even find some video lessons online, some of which are even free of charge. Learning with a video is dynamic and you may stay more focused. Like the theory books, these lessons allow you to practice whenever it is convenient for you. The only real drawback is that you can’t get feedback or personalized attention like you would with a teacher.

Private Lessons

If you have time and money to dedicate to your pursuit, most people are successful if they take private lessons. A good guitar teacher can design a program that is customized to your learning style and you get feedback and one-on-one attention to keep you on track. They can also correct any mistakes you may be making early, so they don’t become habits. This is the best way to learn guitar for many people.

Learning by Ear

Some people who were born blessed with natural musical ability find learning the guitar by ear to be fun and effective. With modern technology that allows us to slow down audio, this is a lot easier than it used to be in generations past.

Remember that you should be having fun playing the guitar. If it is more stressful or difficult than you think it should be, it could be the learning strategy you’ve chosen that is making it this way. If you really want to find the best way to learn guitar, you may need to try many methods before you find the one that you like best. If you have the money and the time to practice regularly, you’ll find that having private lessons will be the quickest way to achieve the goal you’ve set.

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Guide to Percussion Instruments

Ask anyone what is a percussion instrument and they will invariably say drums. That is true, a drum is a percussion instrument but the family of percussion instruments encompasses many more types that you might not think about. This family of instruments contains almost anything you would strike or beat to produce a sound. Instruments like marimbas, rattles, plates, cymbals, drums and, some would say surprisingly, piano. Piano is classified as a percussion instrument because the sound is produced by a series of hammers striking strings within the piano body, or case. Look inside any piano and you will see.

If you listen closely you will hear percussion instruments in almost every song ever produced. It could be a simple wooden block or an entire percussion section of an orchestra. It could be said that the percussion section is the cornerstone of the sound of music. It exists in the most primitive societies as the first instrument of choice, as many others are not available or take much time and effort to produce. Almost all tribal music is identified with drums and vocals primarily, for example.

There are also instruments such as bells and gongs and even cymbals that produce a certain note when struck and therefore require the percussionist to learn the reading of music. It is not simply a matter of waiting for the right moment to hit the big cymbal, but rather performing an integral part of the entire musical piece. It is true that one can start on drums with no musical knowledge at all, but once you delve into the wide range of percussion instruments, you most certainly will be required to learn to read in order to be a well rounded percussionist.

As you enter the wide world of latin percussion you will find many wonderful sounds and surprises perhaps. You will hear music from Africa and other primitive cultures around the world. You will be exposed to orchestral music where the percussion section is pivotal in the performance. You will of course perhaps already be familiar with modern music where the drums are a constant reminder of the beat and the heritage of the percussion family.

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How To Clean Your Guitar, So Let Me Tell You How

If you own a guitar, then it is absolutely necessary for you to know how to properly clean and care for your beautiful instrument. These things cost entirely too much money for you to just let it wear out before its time, due to neglect that could have been prevented with just a little bit of time and attention on your part. Guitars are fine instruments and deserve the best care in the world, if you want it to look good at all times and sound great as well. Cleaning your guitar is just part of your life now that you have purchased one for yourself. It should be as important to you as brushing your own teeth!

The best thing to have around, when it comes to things to care for your guitar, is a regular old soft cotton cloth. These little things really work wonders on the looks of your cool guitar, without them, your guitar would suffer, not having that shine it is capable of having. Some of these cloths that you can purchase are actually made from flannel, which is the greatest fabric for cleaning guitars. If all you have is an old tshirt laying around the house, made of cotton, then that will be fine also, as long as it is cleaned first.

Every time you have had your guitar out and playing you should always wipe it down before putting it back up. Oh and also do not forget, not only do you have to wipe down the guitar, it is also very important to remember to always clean your guitar strings as well. Those things get covered in a coat of oil from your skin and also may have tiny particles of dry skin on them too.

There is something you can purchase to help clean under your strings on on them, it is called the swipe. By using the swipe on your guitar strings and under them and all around, you will be prolonging the life of your beautiful guitar and having clean guitar strings will also make the tone of your guitar have a more crisp, tight sound. The brightness and the shine that your guitar gets from good, regular cleaning’s will really show everyone how serious you are when it comes to your instrument that you love so much. Buffing your guitar regularly will keep it sparkling as well, so if you are ever checking it out and notice that there are some smudges remaining on the panel, you know now what to do.

If you are ever in doubt about the care and cleaning procedures for your guitar just get a book on cleaning guitars or hop online and check out some websites and guitar care and cleaning, all of the information and tips you will need would be right there in front of you, so pay attention and take notes if needed.

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String Guitar Tuning

The absence in today’s music of such a pleasant-sounding instrument as the twelve string guitar is mostly due to the fact it’s a bit of a pain to tune, so do my bit towards keeping the twelve string sound in the ears of the guitar-loving public, here’s a little tutorial on how to tune a twelve string guitar. The modern twelve string guitar appeared in The United States at the end of the nineteenth century. Nobody really knows who first got the idea of making a guitar with double courses of strings but it’s been going on for centuries. Some guitar historians see the twelve string as a part of the long tradition of coursed instruments in Italian musical history. But many people think that Mexico, with its proximity to the USA and tradition of variations on the conventional guitar is the more likely source of the twelve string guitar we know today.

A six string guitar has 6 strings tuned to E A D G B E. The twelve string guitar has six pairs of strings, each pair tuned to the same note but E A D G are tuned an octave apart.

Once you have got the hang of it, there’s a neat trick for playing twelve string guitar: removing the higher octave from the E A and D strings makes playing running bass lines easier, without losing that distinctive twelve string sound in strumming passages.

The twelve string guitar is great for strumming along accompanying songs but it does not lend itself to the techniques involved in playing lead guitar.

The twelve string guitar has a warm, ear-friendly sound which draws attention to the guitar even behind a group of singers. Twelve string guitars are usually acoustic, although some lead guitarists have used electric twelve string guitars from time to time.

Guitarists who favored the twelve string include early blues guitarists Blind Willie McTell and Lead Belly, folk singer Bob Gibson and sixties folk-rock innovators, The Byrds. It has not had any great popularity since the seventies when Led Zeppelin recorded ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and The Eagles made ‘Hotel California’. Who knows, maybe you can start a twelve string revival!

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Become a Great Guitar Player

If you want to become a great guitar player, you need to focus on the three most important things to guitar playing: knowledge, skills, and love. Having one or two out of three is not an option. It is all or nothing and those are what it takes to become a great guitar player.

Working on Your Knowledge

Learn how to read different style of guitar notes. To take advantage of various instructional guitar pieces, you should familiarize yourself with the many ways guitar playing is thought. For instance, you could come across with lessons made up of numbers and letters instead of letters and musical notes. In this case, numbers are used for finger reference while certain letters do not represent chords but positioning. O is for Open, X is for not playing strings, and T stands for your thumb.

Familiarize yourself with the history of guitar making and playing. Learning the evolution of guitars will help you appreciate more the features of your present guitar and maximize its uses. Being familiar with its history lets you know now what people in the past were missing and the potential of the guitar you are holding. It is easier to create magic when you know what your wand is capable of, do you think?

As for guitar playing, familiarizing yourself with the different styles of guitar players of old and new will help you develop your own unique style, recognize which features you wish to integrate in your brand of playing and learning from past mistakes.

Take advantage of technology. Instead of focusing exclusively on old paper based lessons, you can also purchase audio and video guitar lessons. You can also purchase guitar learning software programs that will automatically let you know what could be wrong with your playing and the proper solution to it.

Working on Your Skills

Teach your fingers to dance. In other words, work on keeping your fingers flexible. There be doing all the work so it is important that they are able to tread lightly or heavily as needed. Practice finger exercises daily to keep them quick and nimble.

Know how to relax. Beginners often experience tension, stress, and pressure when playing the guitar after a long period of time because there holding their bodies too stiffly. Another lesson in connection to this is positioning. Know the correct positions for your body and fingers when playing the guitar.

One common problem experienced by amateur guitarists is finger lockup. Sometimes, tension building from an elevated arm travels to your fingers and force them to lock up. When this happens, people usually just force their fingers to continue playing the song without pause. This is wrong.

Know how to play both acoustic and electric guitars. It never hurts to know both and being ambidextrous at least in terms of guitar type will let you appreciate what your preferred guitar type has and the other do not while helping you recognize what yours do not have and allowing you to compensate for it.

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Guide to Buying Bongos

Bongo drums (or just bongos) are a percussion instrument typically constructed of wood with a drum head made of animal skin. They consist of two different sized drums, typically paired in sizes 6″ and 7″ or 7″ and 8″, that are attached to each other. The larger bongo drum is called the “hembra” or female, while the smaller drum is known as the “macho” or male. Bongos can also be made of fiberglass, although professional players prefer the richer, warmer sound of wood. Synthetic drum heads can also be found.

Bongos are played by striking the drum’s head with the bare palm and/or fingers to produce a high-pitched sound, although drumsticks or brushes may also be used. Traditionally, a seated bongo player will place the bongo drum between his or her knees, applying light pressure to keep them up. However, you can also mount them on a bongo stand if you prefer to stand while playing, or use a shorter bongo stand designed for seated playing.

The wood most typically used to make bongo drums is Siam Oak due to its durability and warm sound. Buffalo skin is the most common material used for the drum head and produces rich lows and crisp highs. The outer shell of the bongo drums are usually coated and polished to produce a finish that serves to strengthen the material as well as add beauty.

The delicate sounds of bongo drums can be heard in many types of music including Jazz, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Rumba, Merengue, Mambo, Reggae, Soul, Funk, and even Rock-n-Roll. Some of the world’s best bongos are made by Latin Percussion (better known as LP), Toca Percussion, and Tycoon Percussion.

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Online Guitar Lessons

Learning to play the guitar is a challenging but rewarding pursuit, demanding practice and determination over a number of years to play to standard. For many, playing the guitar is out of reach, as the simply lack the time necessary to learn to play. Fortunately, this is now changing, thanks to the Internet, and the availability of guitar lessons online. Now, from the comfort of your own home in your own time, you can learn guitar through online tuition from some of the world’s finest tutors, taking advantage of their own brand of teaching to improve your technique. But how easy is it to learn guitar online, and is it as effective as face-to-face tuition?

Traditionally, guitar tuition has been conducted through direct one on one correspondence, or in a group scenario, which has been thought to provide the optimum level of interaction necessary to perfect technique. Alternatively many people learning the guitar have taken to self-teaching methods, through a book or self-teaching course, and this too works well for some people, albeit results tend to take longer to show. The Internet, as a teaching platform, provides a hybrid of these two methods, with the visual and aural tuition of an instructor, and the flexibility and affordability of a book. Usually in the form of videos, online guitar lessons aim to actually show students what to do and how to do it – if you don’t pick it up, simply replay the video until you do.

This is beneficial in as far as flexibility is concerned, and indeed in terms of money. If you find yourself sticking at a particular point, it’s easy to replay the video to get over that hurdle. However, With the video, you can repeat the lesson over and over again until you manage to progress at no extra cost and in your own time. For the busy professional looking for a hobby, learning to play the guitar online is a great way to fit in some relaxation around your schedule.

With online guitar tuition, you get the benefit of a visual display of how to play the guitar, whatever genre interests you. However, online guitar lessons lack the direct correction of a tutor. If you’re not succeeding, there’s no one over your shoulder to tell you why. It’s up to you to take the initiative and work out where you’re going wrong. On the plus side, the minimal cost and flexibility will save you time and money in the long run, so the lack of correction may not be so much of a deterrent.

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